🐳 Docker Install

Docker installation of kaos is only available for Data Scientists.


The kaos command-line utility is used for all interactions. It is lightweight but requires the following.

Data Scientist
Data Scientist
  • docker for isolation of kaos (system-dependent)

    • macOSbrew install docker

    • Linuxapt-get install docker


kaos supports installation methods based on the desired simplicity and environment.

Note that the following installation steps assume the kaos repository is accessed by HTTPS

A docker installation of kaos is completed by building the supplied Dockerfile. The following commands will yield a successful isolated installation of kaos.

alias kaos="docker run -it --rm -v $(pwd):/kaos -e USER=${USER} kilabs/kaos:latest"

The docker installation of kaos will underperform given the additional isolation "layers" and does not support any Local clusters.

The default docker installation only mounts the current directory - additional volumes can always be included to the kaos alias. See docker run for more information.

Successful Installation

Running kaos will greet the user with the following response.

Refer to Quick Start for hands-on experience with training and serving a model within kaos.