✔ Flexibility


The kaos core is built with Pachyderm, an open source language-agnostic tool for data pipelines. Pachyderm is committed to the notion that "data scientists should be able to focus on data science, not infrastructure". The main benefits of using Pachyderm are listed below.

  • Reproducibility

    • Consistently recreate results from any previous state of your data or analysis

  • Data Provenance

    • Understand every step of the process that produced a given result

  • Collaboration

    • Manage shared data resources and work more effectively as a team

  • Incrementality

    • Build upon past results by only processing the new data for maximum performance

  • Data Science Autonomy

    • Maintain complete control of your data science toolchain choices

  • Infrastructure Agnostic

    • Run in the cloud or on-premise and integrate easily with your current infrastructure

kaos augments the core Pachyderm building blocks by creating dynamic pipelines with dynamic environments (i.e. Docker images) for deploying hosted notebooks, training jobs and running endpoints.

kaos leverages all the benefits of Pachyderm for ensuring full "processing freedom"