✔ Infrastructure Automation

All underlying kaos infrastructure is deployed with code - known as Infrastructure as Code (IaC). Infrastructure as Code is extremely beneficial since it is somewhat self-service, meaning DevOps knowledge is democratised and avoids bottlenecks as the platform grows. The main benefits of deploying infrastructure with code are listed below.

  • Speed and Simplicity

    • Deploy an entire infrastructure by running code

  • Consistency

    • Avoid human error with standardization

  • Immediate Documentation

    • Code overview detailing all components

  • Cost Effective

    • Avoid wasting time on manual tasks

  • Version Control

    • Save snapshots of infrastructure with VCS

kaos immediately provides all benefits of automated infrastructure deployment

The kaos backend infrastructure contains all necessary components for an ML platform - persistent storage, private networking, private Docker registry, and an elastic kubernetes cluster. kaos also supports multiple environments, including development, staging, and production.

kaos currently supports the following environments (both local and cloud).