Serve Pipeline

Source Bundle + Model = Running Endpoint

The Serve Pipeline consists of two stages - Build and Serve. They are separate Pachyderm pipelines but are linked together to form a cohesive process. The user is able to identify and track progress (and logs) throughout both the Build and Serve stages of the Serve Pipeline. Progress is shown viakaos serve list, while logs are available via kaos serve logs and kaos serve build-logs.

simplified Serve Pipeline


The Serve Pipeline requires both a valid source bundle and trained model for running inference.

Source Bundle

The source bundle is nearly identical to the source bundle described in Train Pipeline. The source bundle requires, at minimum, the following basic structure.

└── model-serve
└── mnist
├── Dockerfile
└── model
├── nginx.conf
├── requirements.txt
├── serve
├── web-requirements.txt

Trained Model

A trained model can be supplied in two different forms, based on its creation. The simplest approach is linking a previously trained model (with kaos) via model_id. The second option is to omit model_id, which assumes that the source bundle has everything necessary to run inference.


A model_id can be found from a successful training job via kaos train info.

Resources (Optional)

Specific resources can be attached to any serve pipeline with the following options.


kaos option




Float defining the desired compute (in cores or time)



String defining the desired memory (only valid with SI suffixes)



Integer defining the desired graphical processing (in cores)